Deluge raises lake, river levels

Sean C. Morgan

Lots of rain, more than 4 inches in a 48-hour period, according to U.S. Corps of Engineers measurements, went a long way toward filling the local reservoirs, increasing river flow and raising water levels around the area.

The surface of Green Peter Reservoir was at about 922.5 feet above sea level, nearly minimum pool, before rising to 947 feet Friday afternoon.

Green Peter had reached about 24 percent of storage capacity by then. By Monday it was at 32 percent of storage capacity and at 955.2 feet.

Green Peter had an inflow of approximately 23,515 cubic feet per second Friday afternoon, with 3,650 flowing out. After a dry weekend, Green Peter had 6,000 flowing out and 3,000 flowing in.

Foster rose from about 615 feet to 623 feet. Foster was at about 40 percent of storage capacity on Friday, but had dropped to 16 percent and 617 feet on Monday.

Friday, Foster had an inflow of 12,500 cfs and outflow of 10,400 cfs. Monday, it had 10,000 cfs flowing out and 8,900 cfs flowing in.

The National Weather Service showed 24-hour rainfall as of 1 p.m. on Friday as 1.63 inches in the west end of town and 2.46 inches in the Midway area.

Combined, the Corps recorded 4.39 inches on Dec. 29 and Dec. 30.