Democrats fail to show us much


The Democrats have been in control of the Senate for over a year now and in spite of all the campaign promises we now have much higher unemployment rates, consumer confidence is lower, stock market is much more volatile.

We have more, not less, illegal immigrants, much higher grocery prices, higher inflation, the housing market is in the toilet, health care is still rising, the war is still ongoing. Our military is still under-funded, under-supplied and under-paid. I’d say America is far worse off today than in 2006.

Gas prices are the highest they have ever been and the solution to that issue seems to be to raise taxes on oil companies. Excuse me, what part of economics don’t they understand? If you raise taxes on any business the consumer ends up paying for the tax increase, not the companies.

The liberals would have you believe that President Bush is the most corrupt president we have ever had but if the liberals personally know what President Bush is all about, then those who work with him day after day should be able to see how corrupt he is supposed to be. So why don’t the Democrats who control both the House and Senate do something about it? To do nothing about corruption is worse than anything that President Bush has done.

To vote with President Bush on the war, then deny the vote to further a political career, is about as corrupt as they get. Those that voted for the war had the same information as President Bush, so why could they not see it was all a pack of lies? Do they not think for themselves?

Rather than spend all their time bashing Bush, maybe the liberals could spend some time trying to figure out what kind of people they voted to put in charge of the House and Senate.

Vote for Clinton or Obama? I think not.

Jeani West

Sweet Home