Diary’ has no place in class curriculum


As grandparents of a Junior High eighth-grader and many more up-and-coming grandchildren, we are appalled that “The Absolutely True Diary Of a Part Time Indian” is part of the curriculum this year, in light of last year’s rejection and dismissal for good cause.

This book has no place in our school system and should be discontinued immediatel,y with apologies due to its divisive and discriminating nature of parent’s rights. The sole purpose as parents and grandparents is to protect their children against the advancing decay of our society.

It seems to us that this places both teachers and school in a legally compromising position due to the deceptive way in which it was promoted and implemented to both the children and parents that were unaware of its true content. There is clearly explicit, unacceptable sexual and bias material both mocking parents’ moral beliefs and the right to protect their children.

There are numerous places in this book that we cannot openly discuss in this venue due to the vulgar, strident and destructive nature of this material.

David and Jeanette Jewett

Sweet Home