Difference of priorities?


The District 55 School Board meeting on June 12 was worth the price of admission. That price was $0.

In what I would describe as an exercise in boredom, the School Board managed to conclude every item on its agenda, except two, without deviating from the recommendations listed in the agenda.

The exceptions, however, raised the temperature in the room. First, the questions asked of the School Board concerning the health clinic were direct and frankly bordered on an accusation. The only thing more uncomfortable than the questions were the answers or lack thereof, but we can sort this out on June 22.

The most emotion of the evening was fired up with an update to the charter school fiasco. This concluded with a 4-4 split on the School Board vote to drop the requirement for a separate corporation.

For two days, I have thought about the meeting, and I have come to a conclusion: The School Board spent two hours discussing money without even once discussing education, and the charter school advocates spent two hours hoping that the children they represented would be provided what they believe will be the best education available, knowing that the cost will be parent hours spent not dollars per student.

The School Board claims that it wants a charter school, that it is only trying to reduce its risk of liability and that the revenues lost or gained don’t matter. The bottom line is this: People concerned about liability don’t propose to operate schools in hazardous weather conditions. Greedy people do.

Brandy James

Sweet Home