District 55 School Board Election, Position Five candidate Travis Luttmer

Travis Luttmer, 29, says he wants to give back and help continue guiding School District 55 in the direction it’s going.

Luttmer is among five running for position five, at large, including incumbent Diane Gerson, Billie Weber, Larry Angland and Melany Glossa.

Luttmer, a Lebanon police officer and former Sweet Home police officer, grew up in Sweet Home, attended school here and graduated from Sweet Home High School.

“I know the School District fairly well,” he said.

The rec-ession has been tough on the district’s budget, he said. “Finding a balance is going to be tough, but I feel it can be done.”

Among his priorities during the tough financial times is the school resource officer, he said, and he is concerned about sports and extra-curricular activities.

“They’re looking at possibly cutting the school resource officer. I feel that’s a needed program. It’s done wonders in the schools the two years it’s been there. What they pay for it, it’s an inexpensive tool that the School District is able to utilize.

“I don’t feel after-school and sports programs should be drastically cut.”

The size of the sports programs might be reduced, he said, but the programs need to stay intact for the children’s sake.

“I feel the arts programs need to stay within schools but could be trimmed back,” he said. “The academics shouldn’t be compromised drastically, but if we need to increase class sizes, that may be a route we need to take.”

Outside the budget issue, Luttmer said, he is interested in vocational programs.

‘I’d like to see the vocational programs continue,” he said. “I see they’ve improved by leaps and bounds over the y ears from what they were. The industry in this area depends on vocational occupations. We need these types of workers.

“The Forestry Club is a big thing for this community, along with metal working and automotive. I believe there are many jobs to be had with these types of jobs.”

Having grown up in Sweet Home, he has watched the community go through tough times, he said, and it will get through it again.

He also knows and is involved in the community, which along with his knowledge and experience in law enforcement, will help him serve the School District, he said.

Luttmer is married to Courtney Luttmer. They have two boys, Zachary, 7, and Dylan.