Dumping of trash not appreciated


I would like to thank the idiot or idiots, who go around at night or early morning throwing their discarded, used-up tires away on the side of the roads, along with other miscellaneous car parts, here and there.

Just last week, I went for my early morning day ride around the peaceful Foster Lake.

When I pulled into Shea Point Lookout park, across from The Point Restaurant, someone had dumped an engine block right in the turn around area, a bug with an oily old tarp, they had it wrapped in.

A whole V-8 engine block, (must have been a Chevy Ha-ffa?). You people have no respect for the beautiful little town we live in, not to mention yourself.

I saw a red pickup with a black lumber-rack bolted down in your bed, so beware. I now carry binoculars, and if I see you, our local Sheriff or Sweet Home Police departments will be stopping by to see you, and they’re not there to sell tickets to the Policeman’s Ball.

Jim Felkins

Sweet Home