Eight-year-olds do the right thing after woman hits head

Sean C. Morgan

Of The New Era

When Mom fell and knocked herself out at the skate park, two 8-year-old boys turned into little heroes and got her down to the Fire Hall where medics could check her out and transport her to the hospital.

“I just thought it was real heroic of the boys that they knew where to go,” Wayne Sells said. “I’m very, very proud of these boys to get her there.”

Sells’ girlfriend, Cindy Bramlett, and the boys, Kaleb Curtis and Colby Davis, were out for a walk with the family dog Friday. Goofing off at the park, she ran up the halfpipe and then fell and struck her head.

Colby is her son. Kaleb is his cousin.

“Cindy said, ‘Let’s go for a walk,'” Kaleb said. “So we went to the skate park.”

“There was ramps all over,” Colby said. “She ran up one. She slid and hit her head too hard and got a little knocked out.”

He said she was unconscious for a second or two, and when she came to, she had no idea where she was or what was going on.

“She’s like, ‘Where’s my car? Where’s my keys?'” Kaleb said. They got her up and started walking her home.

Along the way, Susie Fincher, a city employee, saw them, told them to get her to the fire department and told them they were on the right track, Colby said.

Colby was the one who knew where the fire department was, Kaleb said.

They led her to the fire station, and medics transported her by ambulance to Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, where she was examined and treated for a concussion.

The boys stayed at the Fire Hall and played X-Box games until Sells arrived from his job to pick them up. While he was on the way to the Fire Hall, he passed the ambulance on its way to Lebanon, he said.

All Bramlett remembers is waking up at the fire department, she said. She was still woozy Friday afternoon after being released from the hospital.

She had no serious injury from the accident, she said, just disorientation.