Election thanks and no thanks


I would like to take this time to thank the 956 voters who believed in me. And would like to congratulate the newest members to the council.

I will continue my efforts in helping the citizens of Sweet Home. I look forward to continuing my volunteer help with the Planning Commission, Budget, Safety, and Parks committees. I still have visions of what this town can become and I have 956 voters who I feel will back me.

Thank you again for believing in me and for getting your votes out.

In regards to Mona Waibel’s letter to the editor dated Nov. 1, 2006, I have a few questions for Mona.

First of all, how dare you criticize my letter to the editor when you were not present at the neighbor’s house nor did you go to the court hearing in Lebanon? This neighbor contacted me and wanted my help. And as a citizen of this town I do have the right to help in any situation.

I would also like to make something clear to you. No one tells me how to act if I had been elected. Especially someone like you. I am sure while you were on the council, you played a major role in turning this town into the mess that it is in now. And apparently you need to take off your rose-colored glasses when it comes to Mr. ( Break the Law ) Gourley.

And to let you know, I never said I was perfect, but you are so far from being it that it makes me look perfect in peoples eyes.

In response to your “explain the role of a councilor,” you would be that last person I would listen to about advice on that. You mention we have a “good team of council members.” How would you know that? You have attended only one meeting in the past three years and that was to benefit you.

And I had to wonder what you were drinking or smoking when you mentioned that “trying to take care of individuals’ complaints is not constructive.”

These are REAL citizens with REAL complaints and I guess from reading your letter you’re just supposed to close your eyes to it. Well, this is one person who will not only keep an eye on things, I will continue my efforts to help them. Unlike you would do.

So, Ms. Waibel, I have a little bit of information for you. Instead of criticizing, why don’t you get ALL of the facts.

Councilman Gourley was found guilty on two counts of allowing his dogs to roam the streets and scare elderly people. And I have been told, since this last hearing, his dogs have been out on three occasions again.

Maybe a little jail time would cure him and his family and make them aware that they are not above the law just because he is a council member.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home