Environmentalists the ones at fault


The liberals can blame President Bush and big oil all they want for the rising cost of oil, but the truth of the matter is the problem lies with the environmentalists and their opposition to building new refineries and ignoring all the new technological improvements that have been made since the last refinery was built in 1978.

The nation’s 146 existing refineries are working at full capacity and can no longer keep up with the demands.

It is nearly impossible to build new refineries. It has taken Arizona Clean Fuels Company five years just to get quality air permits to build a small refinery out of Yuma. They hope to be operating in 2010, 15 years after they started the project.

For the most powerful nation in the world to be in this situation is ridiculous. We are sitting on more than 14 billion gallons of oil in just two states. All we need is a few new refineries.

As long as OPEC and the rest of the world know that we are unable to compete because of environmental regulations, then they can charge any price they want for oil and we have no say in the matter.

The truth is that Bush, Clinton, McCain or Obama have no and will have no say in the matter.

I say follow the money, honey, and let’s investigate and see how many environmental groups are on OPEC’s payroll.

Jeani West

Sweet Home