Everybody has a role in schools


As we begin the new school year, I want you all to know how special this year will be.

In today’s world, success for students at every grade has never been more important. Oregon’s new graduation requirements go into effect for the class of 2012 – that is, this year’s ninth graders. I believe the new diploma will better prepare graduates for work, college and life.

Everyone has a role to play in helping students reach this goal. From kindergarten through high school, parents and educators must work together to make sure students stay on course to graduation.

If a student falls behind, we need to make every effort to get that child back on track as quickly as possible. For some students, we may need to provide additional class time and support (including tutoring, afterschool programs or summer school). We also need to provide teachers with the support, tools and strategies they need to help students meet the new requirements

It is essential that we increase our level of support to ensure teachers and schools have the resources they need, and I am working with the governor, legislative leadership and our partners to see that schools have the funds they need at every grade, not just for high school.

The coming school year promises to be a very exciting one, and I encourage you to open up conversations with your teachers and school officials with the goal of making every student and every day a success.

Susan Castillo

State Schools Superintendent