Expect leaders to be responsible

Responsibility and good judgment should be primary requirements of civic leaders. A good class in logic and one in philosophy would possibly bring reason into focus.

I pay my taxes to ensure the whole community has access to city services, such as police and fire protection, schools, parks, etc. The whole community is not represented in giving my money to selected individuals in the community.

Rich Rowley was incorrect when he stated doing nothing was not acceptable. Doing nothing is doing something which, in this case, is the right thing to do. No to tax monies to charities.

The chicken survey was not a legitimate scientific survey. The results should be trashed.

I expect my city representatives to be more responsible and use good judgment. Think of who is responding to the survey? Is it people without chickens? Not likely. If you want chickens, good, move to the county. Leave the city to city people.

Ken Collins

Sweet Home