‘Facts, not fallacies’ should guide us


Thank you, Jeff Hutchins, for your guest editorial last week. We need facts, not fallacies, to live rationally.

Since time began, men have killed men by whatever means was at hand. It is not the fault of the weapon, but of the user. Every virtue has its vice on the other side of the coin.

I have three relatives who have carry permits, and they carry! They are thoroughly trained and accurate. They will not accidentally kill bystanders. One of them told me he will never ever enter any building that is proclaimed as “gun-free.” That is exactly where a criminal would go to do his dastardly deeds.

As for arming teachers and such, it makes sense: Let those who want to carry, do so. I would suggest that who is carrying not be publicized but privy only to the principal, or very few, but they would be volunteers who are scattered throughout the campus and close at hand if needed. This applies to any place of employment.

Another aspect is to take seriously any little suspicions, such as were not heeded many times in Florida. Even scrawling a threat on an elementary school bathroom wall is not to be taken lightly.

If such behavior is a “joke,” that “jokester”needs to learn right now that it’s not funny, and s/he should be followed up assiduously for some years. Not all parents are training their children to be responsible citizens. Sometimes society must intervene for the safety of the whole community.

Some people propose money for bullet-proof glass in the school windows, but it would be better spent on counselors who can intervene early in a troubled child’s life, which will do much more good in the long run… otherwise, what happens when the kid leaves school? More unintercepted violence?

Not everyone wants to own a gun, large or small, but if they want one, it is their right to have it. Like vaccination, if enough people are vaccinated, the unvaccinated are also protected. And we need to be sure this right is not diluted in any way, because the whole original constitutional focus was that citizens may defend themselves against tyranny as well as invaders.

We need to keep a sharp lookout in this area; the foxes are circling the henhouse.

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home