Fir View Villa park family displaced by fire, smoke, water damage

Sean C. Morgan

By Sean C. Morgan

Of The New Era

The occupants of a manufactured home that burned almost two weeks ago remain in need of help recovering from the fire.

The fire seriously damaged the home at space 8 in the Fir View Villa manufactured home park, 4610 Main St. on May 23.

The fire started under a cabinet in the bathroom, located in the back end of the home. Sweet Home fire investigators were unable to determine a cause.

Tenant Jessica Nofziger believes it must have been caused by the wiring because there was nothing under the cabinet that could have started a fire. It didn’t even have an outlet. While the fire burned around it, with the heat breaking the glass shower doors, the garbage in the trash can wasn’t burned.

“I don’t know what else it could’ve been,” she said.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire before it destroyed the entire home. The contents of the charred back rooms were destroyed, while other items toward the front may be salvageable. Some items melted in the heat, while others have smoke and water damage.

Nofziger said she was able to recover two bags of clothing, which she treated with white vinegar, based on the recommendation of the Red Cross, but they lost most of their possessions to fire, smoke or water damage.

The only help they have received so far has been from the Red Cross, Nofziger said. The group is in need of basic household supplies, clothing, food, shelter and pet food.

To help out, for sizes and for information about what they may need, contact Nofziger at (541) 570-3934.

A page, “We are asking for a hand up not a hand out,” was set up Sunday, June 2. Search for Jessica Nofziger to locate it.

Nofziger had not determined as of Friday, May 31, what she could salvage from the home.

She shared the unit with her mother and an aunt, both of whom are disabled. Since then, they have stayed in a motel using $750 provided by the Red Cross. They also used the money to pay for food. When that money ran out, they began staying with relatives and are now looking for a new place to live.

Nofziger has a part-time job, while her mother and aunt receive disability checks.

With three of them displacd with their two dogs, Nofziger said it’s been difficult for their family members.

Nofziger credited her boyfriend, James Wood, for saving the three occupants and their two dogs.

“He was out on the deck with his gold pan,” Nofziger said. She, her mother and her aunt were sleeping inside. “I don’t know what he came in for, but he came in and started slapping the walls, yelling ‘Fire!’”

He grabbed a nearby dog, took it out and went back in to help Nofziger’s aunt out the back door. Nofziger and her mother went out the back door.

“He had to go back in and get my other dog at the end of our bed in the living room,” Nofziger said.

Nofziger wanted to specifically thank “the maintenance guy” at the park for being “very, very nice, very, very helpful” and a neighbor who brought the residents clothing.