Fire district receives funding from grants

The Sweet Home Fire District recently received helpful funding from grants offered by the Special Districts Association of Oregon and the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund.

Historically, the fire district has provided rural address posts and markers at no cost to landowners. They allow first responders to find addresses from the roadway during emergencies. With increasing service demands, however, the district struggled to ensure that the rural-addressing program was up-to-date.

But thanks to matching SDAO grants, responders will be able to find addresses much easier. The program awarded these funds in the spring, allowing the fire district to hire two student interns over the summer who worked to improve the visibility of existing markers and installed or replaced missing ones. The funds also allowed for the development of a database to keep the program running smoothly.

With the assistance of grant funds from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, the district also purchased five new automated external defibrillators for fire apparatus placement at all four of its stations, in Sweet Home, Cascadia, Crawfordsville and Foster. They will replace older, obsolete AEDs. These devices will be deployed on quick-response units that may arrive on scene before an ambulance in certain circumstances. They will be operated by firefighters trained in their use, in conjunction with the administration of CPR, until more advanced care arrives.