Flag displays improper


We have a concern regarding how the flags are being displayed in the Sweet Home School District. Currently, several schools and our own City Hall are flying their flag at night without them being properly illuminated as stated on the Flag Flying Regulations. An impromptu survey indicated that Crawfordsville School is the only school that properly displays its flag.

It is our opinion that they should at the very least have enough respect to retire the flag at sunset if they are not going to properly illuminate the flag.

Every day several of our American troops are dying, and we think it is only right that they take the time to properly respect the flag. Our veterans and current troops should be honored and not disrespected.

We should be more aware of what our great flag stands for and take care of it properly. Please feel free to check out the flag regulations at http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagetiq.html.

Katrina Long,

Commander, Civil Air Patrol

Gilbert Long,

Vietnam Veteran

Sheila Sneddon

Sweet Home