Football support much appreciated


A huge thanks goes out to the community for all the support shown to the Sweet Home High School varsity football team this year.

They are now district champs and ranked fourth in the state. This year, the kids did not have school on Fridays, but the boys were expected to show up early on Friday mornings for a team breakfast.

The following individuals and businesses stepped up and made the breakfasts possible: Mike Hall with The Point Restaurant and Lounge, Steve and Patricia Schilling with Advanced Mechanical, Mike and Glenda Melcher, Tom Hyer, Wendi Melcher with Heritage NW and Scott Melcher with THI.

The following businesses/individuals donated food and drinks for after the games: Subway; Foster Waterhole; Figaro’s; McDonald’s; A&W; Safeway; Thriftway; Hilltop Market; Lakeside Market; Avemere Twin Oaks; and Rod Holman.

The support of our youth by the community is one reason Sweet Home is such a great place to live.

Each of these businesses and individuals did not hesitate to ask what they could do to help, and each place that was approached for donations stepped up.

Feeding 50 hungry football players takes a lot of food, and each business simply asked how much was needed and didn’t flinch when told.

If other businesses in town are not on this list, it’s simply because they weren’t asked because we had what was needed.

On behalf of the football team and parents, thank you.

Kerry Wooley

Sweet Home