Former legislator speaks on COVID


Greetings in this new year of 2021. I sent this letter to Governor Kate Brown this week.

Dear Governor Brown,

I feel compelled to communicate to you about the present situation in Oregon and a major decision you have recently made. 

Yes, we all know you and I have our differences, but I am struggling to understand why you have decided to open schools and not businesses.

I have seen businesses bend over backward to install safety barriers and other measures and comply with social distancing. Businesses need to be open and employees need to go back to work.

Most people are being, and will continue to be, very cautious as long as this epidemic lasts. Let’s give businesses the same opportunity you are giving schools. 

I challenge you to now end the ban before people and private businesses go bankrupt. 

Most sincerely, 

Liz VanLeeuwen 

Linn County State

Representative 1981-1999