Foster School a special place


Last fall I started working as a substitute teacher’s aide with the Sweet Home School District.

My first assignment was at Foster Elementary. I didn’t even know where the school was because I had only lived in Sweet Home for three years.

During this past school year I had many opportunities to work at Foster. Unless you’ve actually been in the school, it’s hard to understand the “family” feeling that bonds the staff and students there. Every faculty and staff member cares about each student’s ability to be successful and provides encouragement in a caring environment.

My grandson was visiting this past weekend and I took him to Sankey Park to play Saturday and Sunday. Both days there were other children there that I knew from Foster Elementary. When they saw me they all hollered “Mrs. Pickett” and ran to give me a hug. You can’t imagine how that touches you to know how much those children care about you.

If you have not had an opportunity to visit Foster Elementary, I would encourage you to take time this school year to do so. Volunteers are always needed to help children with their studies and there isn’t a child there who won’t benefit from additional encouragement and love.

Cheri Pickett

Sweet Home