From Our Files (April 5, 2023)

April 5, 1973

Property owners in Foster’s Shoals Addition are going to the courts to try to get Linn County Commissioners to rescind an order vacating streets in the subdivision.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cornet and Citizens Valley Bank were also named as defendants. The Cornets, owners of Foster Trailer Court, circulated petitions that led to the commissioners’ decision to vacate L Street from Highway 20 to Fourth Avenue, and Fourth Avenue from Wiley Creek Road to Ash Street.

The suit alleges a false statement – that the streets were not used – misrepresented the petitions. Residents of the area, Mr. and Mrs. Hines, claimed the vacations caused them to lose legal access to their property.

Voters approved the $3.3 million tax levy needed to balance the school district budget by a vote of 651 to 550.

It’s a stark contrast to last year’s four-time attempt before it was finally passed.

After fleeing the Communist rule of their homeland in Czechoslovakia, a family found their dream property just south of Crawfordsville.

Anna Pesek and her two sons, Zdenek and Karel, traveled all over Oregon looking for the right place to settle with hills, trees and a pond.

A chance stop for gas in Albany led the family to the 50-acre property that even included the desired pond.

April 8, 1998

It was announced the 1998 Jamboree will be postponed this year due to inability to secure top-name country music talent. Instead of putting on a “less than exceptional show,” SHEDG decided to postpone the event and funnel its resources into next year’s event.

It’s thanks to the efforts of parents that the junior high school has been able to keep open its Student Store, and purchase a new sign and reader board thanks to the efforts of parents this year.

The Student Store was run by students as a class experience, but this year the class was not able to be offered, so PTC President Michelle Petersen organized parent volunteers to man the store during breaks and lunch. The result: a $5,000 profit to purchase the new lighted sign.