From Our Files (Dec. 7, 2022)

Editor’s note: We’ve discovered that the Dec. 4, 1997 edition is missing from our bound archives, so we’re unable to review the news from that particular date.

Dec. 7, 1972

The Corps of Engineers will be tearing down the 30-year-old Wiley Creek Dam in Foster to return the stream to its natural, free-flowing state because the dam no longer fills a purpose and has been creating log jams after every large runoff in the creek.

Fish ladders were severely damaged during the January flood stage.

Tucker Crane Services in Springfield won the bid at $28,950 to tear down the 100-foot long, 35-foot high structure.

Winter caught up with the area when snoiw began to fall shortly after noon on Tuesday to make a good three inches in the downtown area by nightfall.

Lulled by a long and mild autumn, many residents were caught unprepared for the snowfall. Tire firms worked at top speed long past regular hours to sell off their inventory of snow tires, studs and tire chains.

The schools closed until further weather could be determined, and traffic slowed as snow-packed streets became icy and caused cars to slide off roadways.

The Planning Commission declined to approve a request to vacate Osage Street from 12th Avenue about two blocks east.

P and E Developers, builders of apartments in the area, wanted to use the street area for parking space.

The commission determined the street is the only 40-foot right-of-way to serve Quince Street with sewer and water lines feeding 18th Avenue, and there was already available space to develop parking for the apartments.

A 32-unit federal housing complex with a community building will be constructed at 23rd Avenue and Long Street.

The $317,792 project will be called Cascadia Village to provide low-cost apartments for elderly, disabled and families making less than $7,290 a year.

Oakhurst Nursing Home at 980 Nandina St. is expected to open next month.

The 40-bed facility is for patients needing continuous care, and a nurse will be on-hand 24 hours a day.

H.A. Salway, of Salem, owns the home and operates another in Canby as well as two more in Canada. His son Derek Salway will manage the operations.