From Our Files – January 3, 2023 Edition

Jan. 3, 1974

A 16.5-mile stretch along the old railroad right-of-way owned by Burlington-Northern was proposed to be used as a pedestrian-bike-horse trail by the State Highway Division, but local property owners who oppose it formed the Better Land Use Committee. Ideas for the trail were developed by high school students in Doyle Johnson’s class two years ago. The 13-page work was titled “Our Dream” and submitted to several government and service organizations for endorsement, leading the SHD to take interest. Both the SHD and BLUC have each obtained $40,000 to purchase the property.

Multiple reports were called in of theft of gas from cars, and Street Shop near Pleasant Valley bridge reported their shop was entered and the diesel oil tank was drained, while one car owner reported someone stole out of his truck a tape deck, speaker and tapes. Police this week also responded to a car crash.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Callis Jr., of Corvallis, are the new owners of Wagon Wheel Trailer Park. They purchased the property from Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Wellington, who owned the park for four years and now plan to retire.

RC “Bob” Morgan, who operated the Gold Strike Stamp Catalog and Redemption Center, announced the company is going out of business.

Jan. 6, 1999

City public works staff urged the community to discontinue feeding geese and ducks. Doing so has drawn in a flock of geese to Main Street which presented a threat to public safety by blocking lanes of traffic. Feeding the birds also contributes to safety concerns for themselves, as well. The geese that were hanging out on Main Street in November have moved on to the high school lawn and are now eating more grasses and natural foods.

Dr. Caroline Forister, a member of St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Lebanon, plans to travel to the Comboni Missionary Program in Chicago to begin training for a mission field and a lifetime commitment. She does not yet know where she will be going, but she has asked for the Persian Gulf. During the several weeks of training, Forister will also do some teaching.