From Our Files: July 3, 2024

The vehicle of R.L. Fields is pulled from Foster Lake in 1974 and bystanders watch as a dive team searches for the missing man.

July 4, 1974


Due to adverse water conditions, diving in Foster Lake in search of the body of R.L. Fields has been discontinued until later. Fields’ car was found in 40 feet of water some 40 feet from the dam. It’s believed to have been there about four days prior to discovery. Divers cannot see well in the dark, murky water and risk getting snagged or caught up between logs and limbs.


At least 24 of the property owners on 18th Avenue are opposed to the proposed improvement and widening of the street. Those residents signed a letter stating the cost is too high for them and they don’t want to lose the frontage of their property. The city informed the residents the legal way to stop the improvements is by sending letters of remonstrance from at least two-thirds of the property owners on that street. The city only received five letters.


New head football coach Rod Rumrey, 27, from Glendale, is confident he can establish a winning program here. He said he sees a challenge in stepping up from a ‘A’ school to ‘AAA,’ but isn’t frightened by it. Problems mentioned by the other coaches are hurdles Rumrey believes he can turn around. The biggest hurdle, he said, may be building enthusiasm and selling the program.


July 7, 1999


Cornerstone Foursquare Fellowship Church on Long Street is undergoing a facelift as workers begin exterior and interior projects. Church member Marty Mealue said the building’s clay block leaked cold air and water. The congregation wanted a more pleasing facade, so they chose a stucco-like texture material after adding insulation and firring strips. Other parts of the building will be covered with a wood-like metal siding. Inside, the building will get new windows, carpeting and paint.


City Manager Craig Martin received high praise from City Council after an annual evaluation. Two years after taking the position, Martin said he’s been immersed in a widely varied on-the-job education as he manages multiple different aspects of the job. He is most frustrated with not being able to satisfy everyone in the community, but the council indicated high satisfaction with the work he’s done so far.