From Our Files (June 15, 2022)

June 15, 1972

A potentially dangerous fire was averted at Cascadia by an employee of a gas company and the Sweet Home Fire Dept.

Cal-Gas Co. of Albany was filling a propane tank at the Amos Horner residence at Cascadia, but when the gas man disconnected the fill run from the tank, the excess flow valves did not work. Liquid propane gas spewed into the air, within 100 to 120 feet of the Horner house.

The gas company employee alerted the residents and shut down electricity and pilot lights. The fire department used water to push the flammable liquid away from the house. They spent more than three hours dissipating some 900 gallons of propane to dilute it enough so there was no more explosive danger.

Old-time fiddler George Stout, 63, who organized Sweet Home’s first old-time fiddler’s jam session and fiddle show this week, will head next week to his first fiddle competition. Stout has been fiddling since he was 6 years old, but never competed with a fiddle.

He will travel to Idaho for the National Old-Time Fiddler’s Contest to try his luck, though he doesn’t expect to win any top prize.

“I don’t expect to win, but I want to enter and see what I can do,” he said.

Two boys, ages 14 and 15, were caught in the act of burglarizing the Snappy Service store on Long Street last week.

The boys, one from Foster and the other from Portland, broke a window to gain entry and were in the process of removing gum, potato chips, pies and other food items when police received a call that someone was in the building. The boys were turned over to county juvenile authorities in Albany.

Motorcyclists Bob Birt and Tony Rush left for a 4,500-mile trip on their Honda 750s. They are heading to Idaho to visit Birt’s relatives, then on to Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico before returning home through California. They expect the trip to last about a month.

Mrs. Harold Roberts of Foster attended the Area Beautification Contest meeting because she’s concerned about rats breeding in the log jam at the mouth of Wiley Creek.

Rats, always a concern, “are multiplying like flies” around drift left at the old dam on Wiley Creek, she said. Her husband’s use of rat poison has increased to try to keep them under control.

The creek bed is filled with debris and willow brush has thickened, providing shelter for the rats. Members at the meeting remarked it took months for cleanup of the area after the 1964 floods, and the area seems to be getting worse now, also adding, “Wiley Creek seems to be a ‘buck’ passed from one office to another.”

June 11, 1997

Officials for Samaritan, Inc., and Mid-Valley Healthcare, Inc., announced the two organizations would merge, to be called Samaritan Health Services, Inc.

Samaritan operates Episcopal-affliated Good Samaritan Hospital, and Mid-Valley Healthcare operates Mennonite-affiliated Lebanon Community Hospital.

The new combined medical group will provide 60 caregivers, making it one of the largest primary care physician groups in Oregon.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the opening of the new Linn County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

Linn County Fair Board Chairman Terry Plagman described the occasion as one challenge down and another on the wings.

Now that the $20 million center has been completed, the board looks to building up the combined 4-H/FFA and open class county fair. The Greenbuck 4-H Club developed the slogan for the first Linn County Fair, “County Pride, County Wide.”

The District 55 School Board approved a recommendation by the technology committee to use an integrated Macintosh-Windows platform for the junior high computer lab. Members of the board and committee had been debating which platform to use in the new lab. The decision was to purchase 22 PowerMacs with a pentium PC card in addition to software, two printers and similar computer for the teacher. Estimated cost for the package is $60,000.

Committee members said the benefit of the combined platform is that students will have instruction in both platforms. They will be able to switch information from one platform to another, and it’s compatible for students who have either platform at home.

Extension of the Foster Lake Trail along the eastern shore of Foster Lake was not approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.

It was hoped that the primitive trail would extend the whole circumference of the reservoir, but only exists on the northern shore right now.

The Corps explained the current trail traverses parcels for public recreation, but the proposed extension on the east side would traverse land designated for wildlife management.

The Corps pointed out existing county road right-of-ways can be used instead, and recommended the trail committee provide data on how much use the trail gets and on the trail’s maintainability.

The same patrol car that was damaged by a trailer knocked loose from its truck last week was involved again in another trailer accident.

The car sustained minor damage when it rolled into a trailer at South Fork Trailer Park. Officer Jason Van Eck was investigating a theft at the time. He left the engine running with the door locked, a standard procedure when an officer is out of the vehicle for short periods of time.

Van Eck heard a sound and looked back to see his patrol proceeding across the road in the park. He was unable to gain entry before it struck Doris Beck’s trailer in Space 2. The occupant of the trailer said the accident knocked over a TV and bent the trailer bumper.