From Our Files (June 22, 2022)

June 22, 1972

Lumber consumption in the U.S. in 1972 is estimated to set a new all-time record of about 46 billion board feet.

The National Forest Products Assn. forecasts consumption of softwood lumber at 38 billion board feet, far above any other year, and hardwoods at eight billion board feet, a little short of record level. Total consumption in 1971 was 44 billion board feet.

The bulk of the sales this year is attributed to the current housing boom.

The purchase of a backhoe as an educational tool by the school forestry class and for work on school grounds was removed from the school district’s proposed 1972-73 tax levy, which will be resubmitted to the voters for the third time.

The first and second levies were defeated by voters on May 1 and June 6.

It took three hours of discussion for the School Board to make a decision about changing the levy and setting a third vote.

The first vote was for $3,213,569 and the second for $3,182,569, both of which included the backhoe. This third levy for $3,138,485 will go to vote next month.

Willamette Industries will exercise an option to purchase 19,500 acres of Douglas fir-producing timberlands and related assets in the Alsea River Basin in the Oregon coast range for a total price of $40,000.

The acquisition will be one of the largest timber purchases on record in Oregon. The property is mainly located in Benton and Lincoln counties.

Sweet Home’s competitive loggers doubled up last weekend, competing in logging shows at both the Phil Sheridan Days and Brownsville Pioneer Picnic, taking home a number of the awards. At Sheridan, Bob Waibel placed first in the stock saw, second in climbing and third in both the horizontal chop and single bucking. Jerry Jackson was first in ax throwing and second in double bucking, and Dennis Duncan placed second in choker setting.

At Brownsville, Waibel placed first in peavey log roll, second in climbing, and third in hand bucking and in log chop. Jackson was second in peavey log roll and third in ax throw.

June 18, 1997

Sweet Home police are seeing a spike in gang activity in the form of graffiti, and they’re having a hard time keeping up.

Many of the local gang members have already been identified, but it’s difficult to put a case together against them. The youngest are kids entering the seventh grade, while the oldest are in their 20s; most are junior high or high school kids.

The police want the public’s help to identify those who are purchasing spray paint, and those who see juveniles walking around at night should alert police.

A 9-year-old boy was cited after he allegedly set fire to the Sweet Home Area Chamber of Commerce Christmas tree while he and three others were playing under the tree.

The tree was almost entirely engulfed in flames by the time firefighters responded to the scene. When the four suspects were found, Stephen Pearcy was cited with reckless burning, the other three were not.

Light bulbs and the star on the tree were damaged, and it appears the redwood tree might have to be cut down.

The City of Sweet Home and Chamber of Commerce received a verbal commitment from the U.S. Forest Service on a $200,000 grant proposal for the rodeo grounds and multi-use facility.

Based on the news, the chamber director hopes to start work on the rodeo grounds by August. The grant would be used to purchase the full amount of planned grandstand seating for the rodeo at 49th Avenue.

The city gave final approval last week for a 20-year lease on the current grounds, but the Chamber is looking for a permanent location.