From Our Files (March 2, 2022)

March 2, 1972

Mrs. Jim Brown, owner of Maples Grocery at Cascadia, reports a third break-in within the past three weeks.

The Sweet Home District Ranger for the Willamette National Forest, Orval Jess, will retire on his 62nd birthday this week. Jess has seen a lot of changes since starting the job in Cascadia in 1957. The ranger station moved to Sweet Home in 1959, and again in its present building in 1963.

Jess started with a crew of seven, but now manages 20-plus year-round employees whose role has increased to harvest more timber and develop roads. Jess is responsible for developing the nature trail east of Cascadia, and the Neighborhood Youth Corps began last year.

An Oregon State Police station opened in Sweet Home, and will operate on a 16-hour road patrol and 24-hour emergency call basis. It’s the only one of its kind in the county.

The Albany station will patrol the area during hours when the Sweet Home patrol is off duty.

Dr. Calvin Rumbaugh, formerly of Sweet Home, is featured in an article of Time magazine concerning research on the effects of methamphetamine on the brain. His wife, Trilby Lee (Langmack), is daughter to Dr. R.S. Langmack of Sweet Home.

Rumbaugh works with a research team in southern California in a hospital radiology department. The team provided proof that drugs can cause deterioration of the small blood vessels of the brain.

Feb. 26, 1997

After bowling a 300 in a city tournament, Tobey McGarry, 19, is the first bowler to earn the score in two years at Sweet Home Lanes.

Todd Davenport was the last one to do it. McGarry has been bowling since he was 5.

A Sweet Home bicyclist was killed when he was caught underneath and run over by the rear wheels of a loaded log truck.

According to witnesses, the man, Neil Atkinson, 46, had been riding a bicycle eastbound on Main Street west of 18th Avenue, weaving between parked vehicles along the street.

The log truck was headed eastbound in the outside lane. Witnesses said Atkinson tried to ride between the log truck and a contractor’s truck and trailer parked on Main Street when something caused him to fall. He died instantaneously.