From Our Files (March 23, 2022)

March 23, 1972

William V. Carpenter was named the Sweet Home Ranger District’s new district ranger.

He began working for the U.S. Forest Service in 1961, holding positions on the Okanogan, Gifford Pinchot and Ochoco national forests.

Carpenter will replace Orval Jess, who recently retired.

The school board began developing plans to renovate the high school to bring it up to state standards. The board will meet regularly to correct school deficiencies and present a proposal to the Oregon Board of Education in two months.

In a report by a recent state evaluation that designated the school sub-standard, it was recommended the oldest portion of the school’s main building be replaced.

Deficiencies found by the state team included poor ventilation, small classroom size, inadequate lighting, poor acoustical control, improper firewall, inadequate science room facilities, leaking roof, inadequate electrical system, and unsanitary conditions in the boys’ shower room.

Lyle Krause purchased the former Bird Chevrolet building at 13th and Long streets, and plans to operate several business interests from it.

The plant will house a body shop with modern facilities operated by Carl Gange, and an upholstering shop operated by Sam Barton. A mechanic and transmission specialist will be on-hand for auto repair work, and tentative plans include a late-model used car lot.

Krause will also headquarter Krause Equipment Company and S&K Logging Company from the site, and will allow use of his parking lot during Sportsman’s Holiday.

March 19, 1997

When the City Council asked former City Manager Jim Corl to resign, it agreed to pay him severance for up to nine months and reimbursement for moving expenses.

Corl hasn’t received his severance yet, and asked city councilmen why.

The finance director said it will be issued as accounts payable, not as a paycheck, but the city hasn’t received any documentation from Corl that can be used as an invoice.

A check for $5,478 for moving expenses was issued to Corl, but the only documentation on file for the fees is a handwritten note. Corl promised to send in his receipts, and the city said it will deduct the amount from his severance if he doesn’t.

Sweet Home Ranger District is among several other Pacific Northwest districts to implement a three-year trailhead fee pilot project. About two-thirds of the district’s trails – including Iron Mountain, Santiam Wagon Road and Crescent Mountain – are expected to incur a $3-per-vehicle fee, or $25 season pass once the program is confirmed on the national level. The fees will help the district maintain the trail system, as Forest Service budgets have declined over the years.

The school board race for District 55 Position 5 was too close a call between incumbent Bob Pascalar and challenger Dale Burnett. At press time, Pascalar lead by two points. A recount concluded that Pascalar won the election, 1185 to 1183. He is the only one of six incumbent board members to retain their seat in this election.