From Our Files (March 9, 2022)

March 9, 1972

City Manager Mike Gleason got an earful of complaints about flooding waters in the area of Mt. View Drive and 22nd, 23rd and Long streets.

When drain ditches and lines reached capacity during the heavy rainfall (2.5 inches in 24 hours), water filled the streets and intersections, and overflowed to cover yards of several homes.

A bond issue was offered a few years ago to install a drainage system, but it was voted down. At the time, it would have cost $7 per linear foot. Now (1972) it could cost between $15 to $25 per linear foot.

Sweet Home has a shoe store for the first time in nearly a year. Mrs. Lee Howe opened “The Shoe Room” at 1246 Main St., featuring a full line of footwear for men and women in dress and casual styles. The “now” look is featured in style and colors, Howe said. Also available are handbags.

March 5, 1997

Rainy weather has delayed construction at Wiley Creek Community for several days, but workers are now installing decking for the $6 million, 56-unit facility.

Mid-Valley Healthcare’s project broke ground in October. Rain slowed the start of work, but drier weather the past two months helped them catch up. There are already 10 reservations made for the apartments.

The Chamber of Commerce will present the District 55 School Board a proposal to lease property from the district as a new site for the rodeo grounds. The rodeo is currently located on 49th Avenue, but the Chamber wants to move it to 18th Avenue between the varsity baseball field and bus barn.

At the request of Smurfit Newsprint Corp. in Sweet Home, the Oregon Senate unanimously passed a bill allowing licensing of qualified electrical maintenance workers.

Current law doesn’t allow for licensing of qualified electrical maintenance workers unless they gained their experience from out of state. Routine work such as resetting a break switch, replacing a broken motor or changing a fuse cannot be done by the plant’s experienced maintenance workers. Instead, the plant manager must bring in a high-cost independent contractor.

After 22 years in the business, Glen and Marilyn Sawyer sold Glen’s Market to Kyunam and Hyunok Kim. The couple bought Speedee Mart from Bud Banke in 1970, then added Glen’s Market in 1975.

Starting with 2,000 square feet, they added to the shop several times until it encompassed over 6,000 square feet.

Marilyn believes her husband will fill his new-found days off with hunting, while Glen believes his wife will spend hers with big shopping trips.

Bettie M. Nelson is preparing to start taxi services in Sweet Home. Twice that she’s aware of have persons attempted to operate taxis in the city; first in 1957 and again in the mid-1980s. She believes there’s a market for it now due to the number of residences without licenses. The nearest taxi service is in Lebanon.