From Our Files (May 11, 2022)

May 11, 1972

Tammy Williams, 14, was taken to the hospital following a bike accident on Pleasant Valley Road.

The accident occurred when she lost control of her bike after dogs ran onto the road as she was riding downhill. She was treated for cuts and bruises. Her mother said she also lost three teeth.

District 55 school directors chopped $31,000 from the operating budget following last week’s election that defeated a proposed tax levy of $3,213,569, and will present the new budget to voters next month. The new levy represents $19.42 per $1,000 of cash value to the taxpayer, a 20-cent reduction from the original, defeated levy.

The cuts were made in the contingency fund, testing and a proposed van for the speech teacher. The activities buses and a backhoe were considered as possible deletions, but slipped through after some heated discussion. The backhoe is used as an educational tool by the school forestry class and for work on school grounds, and the activities buses are used for sports and events.

The school board approved a letter to the Oregon Department of Education outlining a plan to bring the high school building up to state standards. The proposed plan sets up a two-phase improvement program costing $2.7 million for a new gymnasium, remodeling of the present gym to two floors of classrooms, other remodeling, electrical work, heating and ventilation improvements.

Active recruitment of doctors to occupy office and clinic facilities in the remodeled Langmack Hospital is now underway by the Sweet Home-East Linn Hospital Board. About 20 prospective physicians will be screened by and personal contacts arranged for those most interest in coming to the area to practice.

The new facility is practically complete except for installation of draperies and some furniture. Much of the current hospital district budget of $186,762 was spent to remodel the former hospital, but also contains $15,000 for expenses procuring new physicians.

Several thefts and burglaries are being investigated by county sheriffs. Equipment valued at $2,805 was taken from Harvey Zoon and Son Logging Co., Eugene, which was located in a log loader on a site on the upper Calapooia River. Randy Bingham reported the theft of his car from his driveway. It was found stripped and burned above the school by a nearby resident.

Burglars broke into Richard Alvin Bowler’s home and stole a payroll check and some coins. Gary B. Gewecke reported someone broke his car windshield and instrument glass, valued at $100.

May 7, 1997

Sky diver Joe Williams dropped in at his son’s school, literally.

CJ Williams was “very proud” to have his dad drop in by parachute at Pleasant Valley Kindergarten.

Joe performs the jump regularly with Jump for Public Safety, a program that teaches children about safety, including fire prevention, dealing with strangers, and saying no to drugs and alcohol. In five years Joe has jumped 1,266 times, and only twice has had to use his reserve parachute.

Sweet Home’s Norm Davis became the 12th Oregon coach to be inducted into the Oregon Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

In his 35 years of coaching (28 of them in Sweet Home), Davis’ teams won 504 dual meets resulting in 11 district championships and six state trophies, including one state team title.

He coached 81 state placers including 20 state champions. But speakers pointed out the most success comes out of Davis’ dedication to develop positive character in youth.

June Moore announced her retirement after working 28 years at the Sweet Home High School, 23 of which were spent as director of the Student Store. Officially a bookkeeper, Moore is best known for her store work, which was a favorite place to be.

She loved being around the kids and watching them mature over the years, and said something funny happens every day when you work around kids. When Moore started working there, the store had three vending machines and a tiny counter. Now it boasts items such as sodas, fruit juice, hot dogs and mini pizzas.