From Our Files (Nov. 30, 2022)

Nov. 30, 1972

More than 100 items have been donated for the Roy Clover Memorial Fountain Radio Auction.

Proceeds will help fund a memorial fountain honoring the late Police Chief Roy Clover in the small city park at First and Osage streets, near the west Highway 20 entrance to Sweet Home.

Items for auction include a Shetland pony, camp stove, water skis, Polaroid camera, wall paneling, a colored family portrait, vinyl swivel chairs, portable toilet, TV cable connections, gas, horse stud service, coin detector and floor polisher.

Also, proceeds from the Santiam Drive-in Theater’s feature film, “Lawrence of Arabia,” will be donated to the cause.

New business Pizza Parlour opened in the former Skyline Inn building next to the bowling alley.

The family-friendly facility includes an adult room with pool tables and a football game. The owners tried to retain the décor of the 1920s style front parlour, and barn lumber was used to finish the walls which were burned out several years ago.

“The Lounge,” a new addition to The Point, opened in the former east dining room, with distinctive red and black mixed shag carpet and red velvet drapes.

Business people along S. Main and N. Long streets, between 12th and 13th avenues, are providing a free public parking spot for patrons. The lot was prepared this week and is meant for shopper convenience but not day-long parking. Firms and individuals who paid for the development cost are: Dr. Robert Monson, Carl Wise of Rexall Drug, attorney Bob Danielson, Thrifty 88-cent Store, Man’s Shop, Charm Style Shop, White’s Jewelry, Sweet Home TV and Appliance Center, Travel Center and The New Era.

The old administration building for School District 55 has been deserted and will soon go to bid for dismantling and removal. Originally a classroom school, the building has deteriorated beyond economical repair and upkeep. Offices have been moved nextdoor to the former Long Street School building.

Nov. 26, 1997

City and school officials dropped discussion on sharing the cost for the swimming pool at the high school.

Last year a joint meeting between the School Board and City Council raised the issue that the pool served the community as a whole, and the district was looking for an operating agreement, even considering turning the pool over to the City.

Regardless of who operates the pool, the kids are going to use it and the cost comes out of the same pocket, Supt. Bill Hampton said.

Tax rates for Sweet Home property owners are expected to be higher this year due to lower assessed property values.

The tax rate in the city increased from $13.40 to $21.11 per $1,000 of assessed value, the largest rate increase and tax rate in the county.

A Strategic Plan for the city to be accomplished by 2013 were laid out by the Sweet Home Economic Group and the community.

Of particular focus were goals to reach by 2005, including 20 new businesses or light industries added to the city, expansion of current businesses and industries, and creation of 400 new net family-wage jobs.

The Strategic Plan read, “In creating new jobs, Sweet Home strives to exceed the 1996 Linn County minimum family wage yearly income of $23,028.”