From Our Files – November 15, 2023 Edition

Nov. 15, 1973

Survival rates of salmon runs have a pronounced effect on Oregon’s development. Since 1966, Oregon State Fish Commission’s Paul Ingram, area management biologist, has been researching the most practical approach to raising salmon in the wild. Economically, the cost of feeding is taken into consideration, but when young fry are planted in the wild, only 25% survive. The survival rate of returns of salmon was higher than hatchery-raised fish, which Ingram attributed to maturation in the wild and less handling by men.

The parking committee of the Chamber of Commerce recommended the board urge the city to have the police department meter maid patrol all of the restricted parking areas downtown “instead of concentrating on a few blocks of Main Street.” Committee Chairman Bud Mather said they felt the two-hour restricted areas, which are not metered, were not being patrolled adequately. He would also like to see an off-street parking lot where employers and employees could park.

Building plans for the $2.25 million renovation and enlargement of the high school were approved by the School Board and a date to open for bids was set. The board agreed to voluntarily increase the price they will pay for diesel fuel to Mudrow-Murray Oil Co. from 18.5 cents to 21.4 cents per gallon. The board also agreed to contract with The Gibbons Co. at a cost of approximately $675 per year for administering unemployment compensation. Due to 1973 legislation, the school district is required to be covered by unemployment compensation for the first time.

Nov. 18, 1998

She visited an AMI Records studio in Nashville to record a pair of demo songs for the company. The demos could lead to a record contract. Norma Jean had recorded, in Eugene, a song, “The Girl from Oklahoma,” written by a Springfield man earlier this year. The song received local airplay and served as a stepping stone for a chance in Nashville.

An Albany hazardous materials unit responded to Sweet Home to investigate a report of flammable vapor odors emanating from the city’s sewer system. A Public Works crew reported the odor while working on 13th Avenue between Main and Nandina streets. One Nandina Street resident reported odor and fumes coming from a drain and shower. It was determined the fumes were dissipating fast enough that there was little danger of explosion, but the vapors are still being analyzed to determine what’s producing them.

The city council adopted a resolution outlining a code of conduct for city councilmen in fulfilling their duties on council. City Manager Craig Martin explained a code of conduct is really a statement by the council to the public on how it will behave toward its members and individuals, analogous to policies for personnel. The resolution boils down to “the council’s intention to deal with people in a fair and appropriate manner,” recognizing that people don’t always agree but should always be treated with respect.