From Our Files (Sept. 15, 2021)

Sept. 16, 1971

Adams Grocery Store in Crawfordsville was robbed by two young men armed with a rifle. They got away with $320 and a jar of jerky.

Rich Adams, store owner, told officers his wife, Charlene, was on duty at the time. One of the men entered the store and looked around before leaving. Other people were in the store at the time. He returned a short time later with another man who wore a stocking over his head.

Drivers of motor vehicles are going to have to learn to share the road with an increasing number of bicyclists in Oregon, according to the administrator of the Oregon Motor Vehicles Division. The agency has been receiving an increasing number of complaints in recent weeks from both drivers and bicyclists.

Motorists complain that bicyclists do not abide by the rules of the road, while bicyclists complain motorists crowd them off the road.

Linn County Telephone Co. began construction of an addition to its existing building on 10th Avenue. It will contain 3,408 square feet of space for equipment and cables.

Lester Scott, company manager, said the structure is planned in anticipation of growth over the next 10 years. Regrading of party lines in the community and additional phone service have made a marked increase in demands in recent months.

Sept. 11, 1996

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is investigating a license application for a prospective operation of the Pastime Tavern. Pastime owners had two parties indicate interest in the tavern, but nothing has been settled yet.

The tavern was shut down on March 21 following an investigation by Sweet Home Police Department. The investigation, conducted from October to January, revealed 51 narcotics-related transactions took place at the bar.

Whoever reactivates the current license will be required to lay out a plan to eliminate the problems at the tavern.

The former Porta Via Motel underwent a makeover from owners Balvant and Lina Patel when they remodeled the current 15 rooms, added an additional 13, and renamed the business Sweet Home Inn.

The change was in response to wishes of the public to refurbish the facility that opened in 1964. The Patels bought the business in 1989, fulfilling Balvant’s dream to own his own business. To help fund their dream, they held employees to a minimum, and Balvant worked as a cook at Elmer’s Restaurant in Albany.

Anita Simpson, a first grade teacher at Foster, is publishing material for other teachers to use in creating “mini towns” in their classrooms.

In May 1995, her first and second grade students put together the project for Foster School’s Project Fair. The class spent a month involved in a simulated mini town, which became the basis for the writing of a teaching unit, Kid-Town.

In the project, students simulate a town while learning important educational lessons. They set up stores and services, and elect a mayor (they elected Tom Gourley). The kids made items to sell, filled out job applications, and used checkbooks to track money.

Simpson received a publishing contract last month, a year after she submitted her work, by Interact Company.