From Our Files (Sept. 22, 2021)

Sept. 23, 1971

An east wind blew through Linn County, causing disruption to logging, power and forestry services.

Wind velocity at Green Peter Lookout measured 35 MPH, and more than 60 MPH at Swamp Mountain. Logging activity was curtailed due to low humidity and high winds that threatened falling limbs. Pacific Power & Light Co. employees stayed busy clearing debris and repairing power lines.

Power outages persisted in Cascadia because as lines were repaired, limbs continued to strike the lines. PP&L employees said east winds and lower humidity are common in late September to October, and this early weather remained longer than usual.

Representative John Dellen-back visited the community to tour the proposed Cascadia Dam site. He told city representatives he was here in response to a letter he received from the chamber asking him to tour the pending construction and requesting his support in obtaining both the Cascadia and Holley dams.

It is believed the Appropriations Committee denied financial support for planning and land acquisition because there is division of opinion within the state for its need. Groups that oppose the dam construction seek to keep the river a scenic waterway. 

Mayor Edward Buhn told the congressman that the Cascadia Dam would help support any flood control that Foster Dam could not do alone.

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight L. Fleury purchased Wally’s Market at 4825 Highway 20 from W. L. Mathers. The store will be renamed Hilltop Grocery, and the Fleurys plan extensive renovations and redecoration.

The Fleurys also lease and operate the Tourist Cafe on Main Street, which they purchased in February.

Mathers and his wife, Shirley, opened Wally’s Mart 24 years ago and moved to its current location 10 years ago. He will now devote his time to other business concerns, including The Chateau drive-in and rental houses and cabins.

Gerald Miller, an escaped Ore-gon State Penitentiary convict, was apprehended in Sweet Home following an anonymous phone call tipping police off to his whereabouts.

Miller had been missing from the penitentiary since last month. He was staying at the house of Maurice Hopper, on Kalmia Street. 

Sept. 18, 1996

The House Interim Natural Resources Committee voted 3-1 to send a resolution to the 1997 state Legislative Assembly asking Congress to reauthorize three reservoir projects in the Willamette River basin, which include Cascadia Lake on South Santiam River, Holley Lake on the Calapooia River, and Gate Creek Lake along Gate Creek.

The projects were originally part of a Willamette basin comprehensive plan introduced in 1938. The Cascadia and Gate Creek dams were specifically authorized in 1950, and the Holley Dam was authorized in 1960. The plans were scrapped in 1986 by Congress.

A little bit of history was learned when Donna Ego uncovered the words “Cornelius Building” on the Attitudes and Fitness Plus (now All Star Pizza) building during a remodel. The building, located on the corner of 12th Avenue and Long Street, was constructed in 1945 when the deed to the property was transferred to Ben and Jeanette Cornelius. 

In the present location of the city parking lot, directly behind this building, there was a livery stable and a corral where horses were broken. Stan and Donna Ego bought the building in 1974 and covered over the words when the remodeled it.

Donna now plans to erect a sign on the building that will say “Cornelius Building 1945.”

Four juveniles and one adult were charged with first-degree animal abuse, a misdemeanor. Dustin Herring, 14, Jesse Herring, 16, Brent Salladay, 14, James Watkins, 16, and Joe Williams, 18, allegedly ran over a cat with an automobile on Jones Road, and then hung the cat from a stop sign.

The 8-year-old cat, Jasper, was discovered by an area resident, and the owner posted a flyer announcing a $500 reward for information about who killed her cat. The suspects were cited and released.