From Our Files (Sept. 29, 2021)

Sept. 30, 1971

Mark Frachiseur, Sweet Home High School student body president, and Jerry Roth, second vice president, accompanied Dan Ashton and Sam Cairnes to Portland to greet President Nixon at the airport.

The four attended with a pass given Cairnes to the event. They had an excellent location being within eight feet of the President as he greeted the crowd.

Duane W. Norrie, who lives along the river’s edge near Pleasant Valley, called a reporter concerning suds at the mouth of Ames Creek. Last week, the suds were of an amount that would have filled a 12 x 12-foot room.

The source was identified as coming from an outlet coming from the side of a hill in back of the city sewer treatment plant.

It was later learned that the white foam was soap suds caused by non-biodegradable detergents that cannot be broken up or disintegrated by any measure known to date. They go through the treatment plant, and will continue to suds up in the river as long as there is agitation.

Jim Maloney, public works director, said the great expanse of water will disperse the detergents so no density is accumulated. He said the suds were a bigger problem six years ago, but since then there has been effort to educate homeowners and laundromats about low-sudsing detergents. 

He noted that suds are more prevalent on some days than others, possibly indicating that someone is doing a big cleaning job that day.

Sept. 25, 1996

The Oregon Department of Transportation revealed a preliminary design for adding turn lanes to dangerous intersections on Highway 20 at a meeting with business owners and the city. The presentation was part of a meeting on downtown parking needs. Two projects in the next couple of years will have some impact on parking.

ODOT proposed turn lanes at 12th, 15th and 18th avenues where higher accident rates occur. The median strips would remain, but 200 parking spots would be eliminated. Sweet Home is reported to have three of the top ten accident sites in the state, two of which are included in the proposal for turn lanes.

Business owners expressed concern for the loss of parking, saying business could be stifled by the lack of parking. They seemed to favor the removal of the median strips as an alternate proposal.

A tea and appraisal program was held at the Brownsville Academy with Bob Rau, antique appraiser from Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “The Collectors.”

When appraisals were finished, a Daum Nancy French Cameo vase was missing from the table. Karen Engel, event chairperson, asks that the person who accidentally picked the vase up with their items please return it. A monetary reward with no questions asked will be offered for its return. If it is not returned, the program video will be turned over to the Linn County Sheriff’s Department, a report filed for this particular incident, and an investigation conducted.

Two persons were arrested in connection with an east county burglary where a $150,000 loss was reported. The burglary was reported by a caretaker who was watching over the victim’s property in April while they were out of the country. The residence is between Sweet Home and Brownsville.

Items taken included more than 150 collectible firearms, 1,000 collectible knives, jewelry and pottery making equipment, art work, and other personal items. 

Sherie Diane Davis, of Salem, and Rodney Deane Able, of Tiller, were charged with second-degree burglary and aggravated first degree theft. A third person is being sought for questioning.

“It’s a little squished” at the Gateway Christian school, but that’s a challenge Principal Dianna Huenergardt doesn’t mind. The number of students at the home school co-op increased to 38 this year, up from 23 at the end of last year.

The school, in it’s fourth year of operation, was started by Danny Sawyer. It serves first through eighth grades, with a goal to eventually serve kindergarten to 12th grade.

Louise Grant won big at the fair this year, taking home 35 ribbons for her canning of fruits, vegetables and foods for dietary needs. But it was more special for the six-year fair veteran because her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter also won several ribbons for their exhibitions in the home economics department.

Her granddaughter, Kindall Warren, 16, of Lebanon, was the grand sweepstakes winner in the junior division. Her mom, Laura Warren, won the grand sweepstakes in the senior division. Grant was grand sweepstakes winner runner-up, putting her in second place after her daughter. Laura’s husband, Tom Warren, also came away with 17 ribbons.

Brian Ferguson and Jeannine Lancey married this weekend on Weddle Bridge at the Oregon Jamboree, where they shared their first kiss last year. The groom and his groomsmen arrived on horseback, while the bride and her bridesmaids arrived via carriage.