From Our Files

June 19, 1958

Sam Kimball reported seeing the Russian Sputnik III flash through the sky south of Sweet Home at 3:18 Wednesday morning…

Kimball, who read about Sputnik’s passage in a newspaper and was up especially to watch for it, said the Sputnik was bright and easy to see.

A “rock pickin” project for golf enthusiasts in Sweet Home and Lebanon area who are anxious to see the Pineways golf course, between the two cities, opened in the near future, is slated at the course this weekend, according to Wayne Robbins, Lebanon, who is instrumental in organizing the project. Refreshments will be served.

Sportsman’s Holiday as a community celebration was “postponed” until 1959 by a vote of the steering committee at a special meeting called Monday night.

The fragments of a large white rock found in a logging road by John McWade, assistant warden of Linn County Fire Patrol, about 20 miles northeast of Sweet Home, have been identified as quartz by Prof. Lloyd Staples, University of Oregon geologist. Tests by the Bureau of Mines in Albany confirmed the report.

James Gidley, 40,was sentenced to 20 years in the Oregon state penitentiary last Thursday by Judge Victor Olliver in Circuit court.

District Attorney Courtney Johns presented the case against Gidley, which charged him with the rape of a 12-year-old girl, now in a foster home and reportedly pregnant.

June 22, 1983

She came to Sweet Home before automobiles, electricity or sliced bread.

Stella Simons will celebrate her 100th birthday Thursday, June 23rd…

Double honors have been received by Rene’ Wolthuis, Sweet Home pianist, following Piano Syllabus Examinations administered recently by the Oregon Music Teachers’ Association.

She was one of only ten pianists in the state to successfully complete Examination X, the highest level of achievement.

With improved field conditions at Foster School, bleachers and a concession stand to satisfy the thirsty, many spectators are flocking out to watch Sweet Home Men’s Softball Assn. action four nights a week.

Approximately 150 men comprise nine league teams, headed by president Ross Traw and vice president Dave Ego.