Future doesn’t look very good


When Iran gets a nuclear weapon and lacking any action by the U.S. – action which I do not believe will be forthcoming – it surely will, they will NOT use the weapon.

Instead they will use the threat of the weapon to establish control over the region and move to rebuild the Persian Empire which stretched roughly from Greece to Northern India around the north of Africa to Gibralter. Once they gain control over the area their first action will, with their South American ally in Venezuela, cut off oil to the U.S. making it impossible for us to take any military action. In order to finance their plans they will increase the cost of oil to the rest of the world. Actions that cause the grave consequences addressed below.

Next they will gather a massive army from the areas they now control and citing jihad literally stomp Israel in dust. And I mean exactly that – stomp into dust: They will then sow the dust with nuclear waste or somehow make the land totally uninhabitable for the any future use. They will ensure that no nation can ever exist there!

China now has a massive well-trained army and its reaction to our impotence and the higher oil prices will be to copy Japan’s action early in WWII and immediately move south through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, etc and conquer the whole South Seas and all their resources. Australia and New Zealand, without our assistance, will be helpless to prevent the takeover and can only hope the Chinese have no designs on their resources and vast empty spaces. Of course, Taiwan and perhaps Okinawa and maybe the Philippines will also come under China’s sphere of influence.

North Korea will immediately invade South Korea which, lacking nuclear weapons, will have no options but surrender. There is still great resentment in both Koreas over Japan’s invasion and occupation during the early 20th century. It is quite possible that next on their agenda would be the invasion of Japan. Such action could hasten the unification of the two Koreas.

The most likely threat of nuclear war will be between China and India – both nuclear powers and traditional enemies. Or between India and Pakistan, which is also a nuclear power. Should India and China go to war, Pakistan will surely attack India. However, there is the possibility of India and Pakistan, regardless of past conflict, unite against the threat of an attack by Iran after it absorbs Afghanistan.

Venezuela, recognizing our loss of power and prestige and our military impotence due to our lack of oil, will immediately attempt to expand their control to all of South and Central America. Similarly, Mexico, still resenting the loss of the southwestern states to the U.S. would most likely invade the United States relying heavily on the “troops” already in position.

Now for the really esoteric: I believe that Iran will go nuclear in 2012 and wouldn’t it be ironic if it were to happen on Dec. 21? This may not be the apocalypse but it would be, at least, the start of the end of the world as we know it.

William C. Curtis

Sweet Home