Gambling not real problem


All these people who oppose Texas Hold ‘Em coming into this “beautiful little town of ours,” I want to know where you people live because I have lived in Sweet Home for 35 years; and everywhere I look, I see corruption.

I can’t walk down the street without my dogs being attacked by a loose pit bull. I’m not saying nice people don’t live here, but I’m thinking these nice people must say in their houses all the time because they don’t see what I see.

I don’t have a problem with Texas Hold ‘Em people coming to our community. It might even increase our property values.

And about the glass and the stuff thrown in your front yards, I have that happen every day, and that’s not Texas Hold ‘Em people doing that because they haven’t yet been invited.

This town has never wanted anything new to come into the community. Texas Hold ‘Em people are usually professionals, and they give back to the communities via charities. I don’t understand why a lot of people think these fellows are all hell-raising, six-shooting gunmen from the 1880s..

Fay Baier

Sweet Home