Garage sale sign rules go too far


I really feel that the City of Sweet Home has better things to do than to prevent local folks from putting out signs on posts and telephone poles to sell their belongings in yard sales.

This is/was a fun way to spend a Friday or Saturday, driving all around looking for the humble signs that someone was selling something. It was a way of marginal folks trying to make enough for groceries to someone moving and needing to liquidate their estate. Time is always of essence in these projects. I particularly liked the people who signed us all the way to their place. It was a way to meet new people and learn more areas.

Now we have to go to one place to see who is selling. Everyone won’t know to do this.

I think the city has thought of one more way to control the people and keep them a little more poorer than they were before. And to take a little fun out of this town that could use a little more cheap fun.

Marilyn Taggart

Sweet Home