Get football facts correct


I would like to clarify the correct source of funding for the High School football team’s trip to Spokane, Wash. But unlike some who feel the need to start a public argument in a newspaper with false facts, I would like to point out that after reading a comment I took it upon myself to seek out this information from someone that is involved in the situation.

This athletic and learning opportunity for the kids on the team is funded by donations and fundraisers the football team has taken part in. The approval from the school board was for taking them out of state, NOT for the funds. I would also like to add the pride and ownership these kids have taken in actually doing things for these funds themselves, such as oil changes, a softball tournament, mowing lawns and cutting up firewood.

I think this is a great way to teach youth to take it upon themselves to work for something they want – something that I feel has been tossed aside by some.

This camp they will attend is also not required. There will be no funds asked for from the school district. Also, in doing my research, I found that the price per kid to attend this camp is very comparable to those in the valley. Not only will it help them athletically but being out of their normal environment teaches them character, etc.

Hopefully, these things taught to them will help keep them busy during their four-day school week and out of trouble. Just because it is hard times for everyone does not mean that children need to lack the opportunities to keep them proactive and learning how to become respectful, successful adults.

Katie Kittson

Sweet Home