Girls wrestling: Four Huskies, team win titles at inaugural Linn County girls championships

Sweet Home’s girls won the first-ever Linn County women’s wrestling championship tournament Friday, Jan. 7, finishing ahead of five other schools.

Sweet Home had 13 entrants in the tournament, with four champions: Paige Chafin at 120 pounds, Ivy Dewitte at 130, Zoey Erevia at 140 and Kaylene Zajic at 148. The Huskies won with 131 points, followed by West Albany (nine wrestlers, 88 points), and Central Linn (four wrestlers, 62 points).

“Four champions?” Head Coach Steve Thorpe said. “We had some great, some great wrestling.”

Two of the winners, Dewitte and Erevia, are literally rookies this year and Zajic only started the sport near the end of last season.

“They’re really stepping it up,” said Girls Coach Gracie Stutzman, noting that Chafin, the team’s most veteran wrestler had a “tough” match in the 120-pound final against West Albany’s Ariana Martinez. “That was good to see.”

Her lighter-weight wrestlers are also doing well, she said. Kendra Jamison was second at 105 and Kelsie Rush was third at 110.

The girls will compete Friday and Saturday at the Oregon Classic, which is scheduled to host girls from 18 high schools.

Linn County Championships

Girls Results

Team Scores: (1) Sweet Home 131; (2) West Albany 88; (3) Central Linn 62; (4) Harrisburg 27; (5) South Albany 22; (6) Scio 16.

105 – Kendra Jamison pinned Emily Zamudio (Scio) (1:15); lost by fall to Hannah Erz (CL) (1:34); placed second.

110 – Akemi Jimenez lost by fall to Taylor Lumpkin (WA) (3:37); lost by fall to Kelsie Rush (SH) (1:33); lost by fall to Rich Campbell (WA) (0:44); placed fourth.

110 – Kelsie Rush lost by fall to Rich Campbell (WA) (0:40); pinned Akemi Jimenez (SH) (1:33); lost by fall to Taylor Lumpkin (WA) (2:08); placed third.

120 – Paige Chafin pinned Trinity Landtroop (SH) (1:02); pinned Rebekah Cook (Harrisburg) (0:35); dec. Ariana Martinez (WA) 7-2; Champion.

120 – Trinity Landtroop lost by fall to Paige Chafin (SH) (1:02); lost by fall to Ariana Martinez (WA) (0:35); lost by fall to Rebekah Cook (Harrisburg) (0:46); placed fourth.

130 – Ivy Dewitte pinned Hailey McCree (WA) (1:11); pinned Odessa Gordon (SA) (0:38); pinned Riley Watkins (SH) (0:38); Champion.

130 – Riley Watkins pinned Michelle Antonio (SA) (0:32); lost by fall to Ivy Dewitte (SH) (0:38); placed second.

140 – Zoey Erevia pinned Candence Makinson (SH) (0:35); pinned Onaya Johnson (WA) (0:22); pinned Alyssa Peterson (SH) (2:29); Champion.

140 – Candence Makinson lost by fall to Zoey Erevia (SH) (0:35); lost by fall to Alyssa Peterson (SH) (0:59); pinned Onaya Johnson (WA) (4:30); placed third.

140 – Alyssa Peterson pinned Onaya Johnson (WA) (3:04); pinned Candence Makinson (SH) (0:59); lost by fall to Zoey Erevia (SH) (2:29); placed second.

148 – Kaylene Zajic pinned Kylie Brown (WA) (0:42); pinned Kassandra Barber (SA) (0:27); pinned Kiera Hollister (CL) (1:11); Champion.

170 – Kami Hart pinned Makayla Stutz (CL) (0:21); pinned Aubrey Murphy (WA) (0:45); lost by fall to Anna McDougal (CL) (1:28); placed second.