Gleaners Gets Fresh Coat of Paint

Benny Westcott

Sugar City Gleaners, formerly Sweet Home Gleaners, is not a part of the Paint The Town project currently underway in Sweet Home, a result of the Gleaners being located at 3031 Highway 20, east of the project area.

But that didn’t stop the Gleaners from getting a new paint job. Staff lobbied the city for a grant to the tune of $5,000. They’ve spent less than $2,000 of the money so far, on the paint job.

Gleaners Board Chair Theresa Howard filled out an application for the grant, which consisted of money that was given to the city from the federal government, she said.

Rodda Paint of Albany got the Gleaners a good deal on paint, Howard said, at $28 a gallon.

The painting, done by a contractor out of Eugene, wrapped up on Aug. 11 after about a week’s worth of effort.

Howard said the Gleaners hopes to use the rest of the city’s money for a new sign and making their sidewalks a little more user friendly.

The organization also had a raffle and a barbecue recently to raise funds. The barbecue, during Jamboree weekend, raised a little over $500.

“We work real hard to make this Gleaners a success and to make it better on a daily basis,” Howard said.

She said a grant from the city is available to any of the businesses not a part of the Paint The Town project.

“I want everybody to know that that money is there for them,” Howard said. “I really want the other businesses in town that didn’t get to get in on the paint job to take the city up on this offer while the money’s still there.”