Good letter, bad letter


I am writing in response to both “Letters to the Editor” published Jan. 9.

The first letter is Brandon Elliott’s apology for his Christmas pranks. It’s admirable that you have taken responsibility for your actions and can only hope that your choices be only good ones in the future. Your pranks do not make you any less of a person nor do they make you a criminal. God only knows that the majority has, at one point or another in our lives done mischievous acts that we eventually live to regret.

As far as I am concerned – forgiven.

Which brings me to addressing the letter from Kim Lawrence. Since my effort at humor to discourage your letters did not work, I am asking, citizen to citizen, to please stop. Even more so the letters to The Albany Democrat-Herald. It’s hard enough to prove wrong the “stereotype” of what others portray a small town as but to defend ourselves as “non-educated crazies” is embarrassing.

I do not totally disagree with some of your concerns and respect that each person is entitled to their own opinions. But I also believe that there are constructive ways to change things and that negativity or trying to publicly humiliate the employees of Sweet Home is not the part of the solution but more so part of the problem.

Also, FYI, both pharmacies here in this great town keep Prozac in stock.

Todd Branson

Sweet Home