Governor sticking it to us on smoke


Citizens of Oregon, our governor must be having a breakdown. Now he wants to kill one of our finest industries. Grass seed growers have been around growing their crops in Oregon for many years, and they need our help.

Yes, sometimes it is annoying to have smoke blowing into our yards. But that only happens a few days a year, and field burning is essential to the health of grass seed crops.

First we had a war against the loggers, and they have had to stop logging many old areas where the trees grow tall. So it looks like the next thing some outsiders want to finish off is our farmers.

The Willamette Valley is the finest farmland in the world for grain and crops. We need farms, to grow our food, grass seed, and of course the grain that we use in so many kinds of ways. Our crops are the bread of life, the vegetables that keep us well, and the fruit that sustains us.

If you have recently moved to Oregon and don’t like the field burning – go back where you came from or suck up and put up with a few days a year that help the farmers.

Protecting the natural food and grass seed of our Willamette Valley must be done. Pioneers came to Oregon for its fertile lands; don’t put so many restrictions on those that are working by those who just complain. Protect our good farm lands and stop the farm lands being used for housing. We like to eat real food!

Write Gov. Ted Kulongoski and tell him you favor the farmers over the squawkers. I know my family does. The governor is asking for an end to field burning by 2010. Baloney! Look in local newspapers for the governor’s address and phone number.

Where will it end that others decide what we do for a living and how we do it? There will always be some burns in the valley whether by accident or by allowing our farmers do what they need to do.

We are counting on you speaking up to the governor.

Bob and Mona Waibel

Sweet Home