Grange memories are good ones


Roberta McKern’s article (Aug. 26) about the Holley Grange brought back such nostalgic memories for me.  

Back in the day, it was a time of safety.  Everyone knew everyone and kids were expected to behave themselves. 

On the block where the Grange was, my kids felt safe and played outside most days. 

The Grange Fair was an annual event they looked forward to. I knew they were safe there.  They’d go down in the morning and stay all day.  

Many times I’d enter something for the exhibits. It was a wonderful time of catching up with people you’d not seen for awhile. Wonderful memories. 

It is sad how the world has changed. I surely wouldn’t allow any child now, to do what mine did then, and they did it with with abandon.

Thanks for the memories.

Rosemary Whitmore