Grant Brings First-Ever Summer Intern to Library

The Sweet Home Public Library has gotten a new opportunity to have a summer intern, funded by a grant. This intern is expected to put together a program by the end of the summer, as well as help with daily tasks. 

Rhiannon Morton is this new intern. Coming fresh from high school, this new intern has begun to hit the ground running, with her first day being the kick-off for the summer reading program on Saturday, June 15. 

The grant that allowed this to be possible was the Teen Internship Grant provided by the State Library of Oregons’ Library Support and Development Services. The grant has multiple goals, as outlined by their website. 

According to, The State Library is offering small grants to Oregon libraries to fund summer internships for local high school juniors and seniors. Inspired by PLA’s Inclusive Internship Initiative, this project aims to enhance teen interns’ skills, help library mentors develop leadership abilities, and assist libraries in engaging students and promoting diversity in the field.

Morton claimed that she got this opportunity from her high school counselor who believed she’d be interested in that position. 

“I’ve wanted to be a librarian for a couple of years now,” Morton said. “So this is a really great opportunity to see what it’s like [and] see if I like it.”

The kick-off for the summer reading program began during the annual 2024 Jim Bean Safety Fair on Saturday. Morton was seen at the library table, helping introduce kids to the summer reading program and helping them sign up as needed. This marked her first official day. 

“Trial by fire,” Kira Mikutaitis, a librarian, said during the fair.

Come the end of the summer, the grant requires the implementation of a new program, one Morton must put together. She continues to have an optimistic look on the future awaiting her. 

“I’m actually really excited to figure out what I’m going to do,” Morton explained. “I don’t know yet, but we’ll see.”