Hate for Pence is un-American


I just saw the most ridiculous Facebook video I have ever seen.

Shame on ABC for allowing their “Big Brother” TV show to call our Vice President Pence a mental illness case because he claims to talk to God. That means that every believer in Jesus Christ is mentally ill too, because we talk to God every day in prayer.

I think that ABC owes Vice President Pence and every Christian in the United States an apology on national prime time TV.

If ABC refuses to do so, then I call on every Christian to write ABC and tell them they will boycott all their TV programming until they do so.

This hate-mongering against anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and God has gone too far. Even our money tells us, “In God we trust,” so is our government mentally ill as well?

So the evil hate is coming from non-believers who have no tolerance for anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, That is un-American. You cry out for religious tolerance for Muslims and any other religious group, but refuse the same courtesy for anyone who believes in Jesus Christ.

Shame on you. You are the hatemongers of America, not believers. ABC, we are waiting for your apology.

Jeff Gallup

Sweet Home