Health numbers tell the real story


Health index statistics reveal

that the following states are the

10 most healthy in America, in

order: Vermont, New Hampshire,

Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maine,

Iowa, Utah, Hawaii, Nebraska

and Connecticut. Least healthy:

Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina,

Florida, Texas, Oklahoma,

Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi

and, worst of all, Louisiana.

Almost all of the 10 healthy states

are blue (liberal) states. The 10 least

healthy states are red (conservative)

states and two purple (swing).

Take note that the No. 1 and No.

3 healthiest states in America,

have the most socialized (gasp!)

health care systems in the country?

Red, conservative, states fail across

the board. They are the poorest,

file the most bankruptcies, have

highest divorce rates, have highest

teen pregnancies, have highest illiteracy,

have highest occupational

accidents, have the highest violent

crime rates… illegitimacy… and the

list goes on. If that doesn’t give you

pause- make you think and rethink

again, then your mind is dead closed

and you have no business voting.

Red states are Donee (welfare)

states. Donee states are those who

get more in federal aid than they

pay into the federal government.

Donor states pay more in taxes than

they receive.

In other words, the blue

states keep the red states alive.

That shows me how little the conservative

parties care about the

American citizen.

And, of course, they have some

deep, dark-ages-rooted bizarre hate

for us females. Like we’re subhuman

and therefore undeserving of

full inalienable rights.

We bleed, they don’t. That

stumped men until only just recently.

Portland, Oregon by the way, ranks

ninth (out of 75) in the 2010 America’s

Most Literate Cities. Portland

is blue.

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home