Healthy eating can create wellness


The leading causes of death in Linn County are Heart Disease and Cancer. “Linn County is ranked 23rd out of 33 Oregon Counties for mortality measures,” per the Linn County Department of Health Services 2013-14 annual plan report.

These are premature deaths (before age 75). The top adult chronic diseases are arthritis, asthma, heart attack, coronary hearth disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, all of which are diet and lifestyle related.

I have been waiting for someone or some organization in Sweet Home to start a program to get our citizens, especially our children, healthy. It doesn’t seem to be forthcoming, and since I’m so frustrated over this, I am doing something myself!

As the co-founder of Sweet Home Sweet Ride Charity Car Show for Kids, it has always bothered me that we were serving kids and adults the very foods that may be making them sick. I voiced my opinion at the time, but it had no impact. No one is set up for delivering healthy meals.

I know there are a lot of roadblocks to good health, but some of it has to do with the fact that meaningful and heath-transforming information isn’t getting out in a way that can impact many lives. A lot of what we believe about our diet is just not true.

If I can help provide the resources and tools that will educate just one mother, she can save her husband and children from various diet-related diseases.

She may not lose her home because of medical expenses her family can’t afford.

She may not have to watch her husband die of a heart attack or stroke or complications from diabetes. She may never have to face breast cancer. Her children may not have to grow up without her. She may expect to live a healthy life into your senior years along with her husband without the fear of getting dementia.

I am a group leader volunteer with, and I suggest that everyone watch the documentary by the same name.I formed a “pod” within the organization in Sweet Home, and it’s called Plant Empowered Wellness. People can go to and find me that way.

I will be paying for the rights to show this film, and I will show it anywhere there’s an interest locally. I will be having Meet Ups for support for all who want it. We will do cooking demonstrations and potlucks, and more.

I also put together a slideshow presentation, which I will present for free to any and all organizations and churches who are interested.

PlantPure Nation has a 10-day jump start program that is very, very reasonable, especially considering the drastic change in a person’s biochemistry that will occur by the end of the 10 days.

Individuals who have participated in this program have lost weight and improved their blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar numbers.

I am inviting concerned mothers to join my crusade! Together we can have a positive impact in this community.

Susan Angland

Sweet Home