Help from stranger leaves good taste


My wife and I, along with another couple, were kayaking below Foster Dam on Saturday, June 20, in two hard-shell kayaks. We were about a mile north of Sweet Home when I hit some rocks just below the rushing water, which caused my orange kayak to turn left and breached my kayak against two rocks.

My dog George and I were washed out of the kayak and were able to make it to shore unhurt except for my pride.

Our friends and I tried for almost three hours to free the kayak from the rocks or rushing water, and to make things worse, my keys, wallet and ID were in a dry sack which was fastened down in the tail of the kayak in a sealed compartment that I could not reach.

All four people in our kayaking party thought we would never see the kayak again, and if we did ever see the kayak again it would be all bent up. All hope was lost and the Sheriff could not help us.

On Sunday afternoon, when I got home, I got a phone call from Cole Crenshaw, a Sweet Home resident, that he and his friend had been able to recover an orange kayak that was breached under water and he found our name and phone number in a dry sack that was in a compartment in the kayak.

Thanks to Cole and his wife Cindy and friends, I was able to get my kayak back, along with the dry sack containing my wallet, keys and some money. Cole would not even accept a reward for his efforts, but said that he hoped someone would do the same for him if he ran into trouble.

Cole Crenshaw is a very nice person and I’m glad I had the chance to meet him. Sweet Home has some very nice residents and I’m glad I got to meet three of them.

Thank you, Cole Crenshaw.

Lonnie Kulesia