High-schooler wins library card design contest

Benny Westcott

The results are in: Megan Kirk, 15, a homeschooled 10th-grader in Sweet Home, won the Sweet Home Public Library’s library card design contest.

Her colorful design features a bunch of books (classics) bookended by horse busts, with flowers sprouting up over them. Behind that imagery is a leafy tree and a sky blue background.

According to Megan, daughter of Kim and Paul Kirk, the two stone horse bookends represent the power of the written word, beauty is depicted in the flowers, and the tree behind the books is representative of the life behind everything that has always been written. The literature consists of classic titles she has read and enjoyed.

Library Services Director Megan Dazey said, “I really like her selection of books that she put on her bookshelf. There’s some great titles there. We’re always encouraging people to read classics, and this card kind of helps that. And it gives a great image to the library to have artwork.”

Megan’s design beat out 14 other entries to claim the ultimate prize. The winner was chosen by a committee that included City Council, Library Board, and Chamber of Commerce members.

Megan said she has been drawing since she can remember, and particularly enjoys drawing horses and flowers. She said she’s always had lots of art supplies and a lot of free time on her hands, so spends a lot of her time doing art. Her three other siblings draw as well.

“It’s a way to express myself,” Megan said. “I really like being able to have an image in my mind and be able to put it on paper.”

Megan also enjoys reading, horseback riding, playing guitar and piano, and writing songs, she said.

Her favorite school subject is history.

“I like to be able to go back in the past and learn about all the important things that happened,” she said.

Dazey had high praise for the winning talent.

“She’s just a wonderful budding artist and we really like her,” she said.