High schoolers were big help

Wow, what a crew!

On Saturday, Oct. 28, the Sweet Home Beautification committee did a planting on Highway 20 near 4th Ave. The flowers were supplied by Thrivent in conjunction with a request made by Fir Lawn Lutheran Church.

What really excited my wife and I were the 16 students from Sweet Home High. Two young women, and 14 young men, and all involved in athletics of one type or another. For the most part these young people were self motivated and worked with a minimum of direction.

As a former high school teacher, to watch these students work with intensity and good humor was a real treat. Sweet Home can be very proud of them.

So, Sweet Home residents, when you drive by that area, take a look and see what has been accomplished. It may take a while for the plants to show their true potential, but they will. At the same time, remember the neat young people who helped to make this a viable project.

Doyle and Audrey Johnson

Sweet Home